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"Turbo Batido Chiptune, Rock & Metal Music Pack" contains 7 high-quality loopeable tracks for ingame and 5 one shoot tracks for cinematics. All these tracks have been extracted from "Turbo Batido", developed during the "Fans de Mafia Devs Jam 3".


The tracks included here:

  1. Jazz/Rock for disegned for the menu.
  2. Chiptune like Sega Mega drive (FM Music).
  3. Rock without guitars
  4. Rock with distorted guitars.
  5. Other rock track but more powerful.
  6. Power Metal.
  7. Electronic/synth Metal.
  8. Black Metal.


You are able to use any of these tracks in your project commercially and not comercially. Only you need add me to the credits, for example: "Music by DavidKBD" Or more speciphic if your project contains songs from other artists: "XXX Music track by DavidKBD"

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Do you need custom music?
🎵 If you need custom music for your project just send me an email at assets@davidkbd.com and I'll be happy to work with you.

I could compose more songs like the songs at this pack for your project.

Pack Content:      

Jazz/Rock for disegned for the menu

Chiptune like Sega Mega drive (FM Music)

Rock without guitars

Rock with distorted guitars

Other rock track but more powerful

Power Metal

Electronic/synth Metal

Black Metal


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AuthorDavid KBD
Tagsalva-majo, chiptune, mafia-devs, metal, Music, pureya, rock


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01-Menu-loop.ogg 770 kB
02-Ingame-Chiptune FM-loop.ogg 763 kB
03-Ingame-Rock1-loop.ogg 920 kB
04-Ingame-Rock2-loop.ogg 934 kB
05-Ingame-Rock-3.ogg 932 kB
06-Ingame-PowerMetal-loop.ogg 922 kB
07-Ingame-ElectroMetal-loop.ogg 923 kB
08-Ingame-BlackMetal-AlvaMajo-loop.ogg 906 kB
08-Ingame-BlackMetal-Instrumental-loop.ogg 908 kB
Cinematic-1.ogg 101 kB
Cinematic-2.ogg 119 kB
Cinematic-3-Bad.ogg 53 kB
Cinematic-3-Good.ogg 78 kB
Cinematic-3-Normal.ogg 75 kB
TurboBatido-wav.zip 73 MB

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The first track gives “spy game set in a private bar” vibes :)

(1 edit) (+2)

Hahahah, you are right! :)