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"Reckless Punk-Metal Music Pack" contains 11 high-quality loopable music tracks and 2 one shot for victory and fail events.

Inspired by Skitchin', Road Rash and other retro videogames and inspired in a lot of punk and rock bands. This pack is perfect for any type games with action.

Cover art by Lowestpoly

The "DavidKBD - Reckless Punk Metal Pack WAV Files.zip" contains the same tracks but in wav format.


You are able to use any of these tracks in your project commercially and not comercially. Only you need add me to the credits, for example:
"Music by DavidKBD"
Or more speciphic if your project contains songs from other artists:
"XXX Music track by DavidKBD"

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Do you need custom music?
🎵 If you need custom music for your project just send me an email at assets@davidkbd.com and I'll be happy to work with you.

I could compose more songs like the songs at this pack for your project.

Pack Content:

Loop - 01:46

Loop - 01:56

Loop - 01:51

Loop - 01:48

Loop - 02:36

Loop - 01:45

Loop - 01:49

Loop - 02:00

Loop - 02:24

Loop - 01:47

Loop - 01:22

One Shot - 00:04

One Shot - 00:02

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorDavid KBD
TagsEndless, heavy, Horror, loopeable, metal, Music, punk, soundtrack, speed
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International


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DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 01 - Run Like the Wind.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 02 - Keep Away or Die.ogg 2 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 03 - Keep My Rhythm, If You Can.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 04 - Get Ready.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 05 - Dangerous and Bored.ogg 2 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 06 - Easy Money.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 07 - Smogy Kid.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 08 - What is my name_.ogg 2 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 09 - Fuck!.ogg 2 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 10 - Speedy and Hostile.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 11 - Take a break.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 12 - You Loss.ogg 80 kB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk-Metal Pack - 13 - You Win.ogg 48 kB
DavidKBD - Reckless Punk Metal Pack WAV Files.zip 209 MB
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Excellent tracks!! Perfect classic arcade feels.... featured these tunes in my game Time Attack Rally @ https://twig-us420.itch.io/time-attack-rally

Hi! I'm glad you like my music!

I have tried the Linux version of your game, but the sound does not work :(
(I use Manjaro Linux.)

Have a nice day!

DANG!!! Sorry about that... I have no way to test the Linux version myself, compiled it for a friend, who didn't mention lack of sound. I'll see what I can do

I recommend to you try virtualbox. It is very easy. You can install here any linux distribution (I recommend manjaro, ubuntu can be good option too but it consumes more resources).

I can try again when you publishes a new release.

I posted the final version recently... hopefully you can get a chance to try it out. Thanks again for making such great tunes for people to use!! My next game is in the works, so I will be dipping into your spookier tunes this time.

Sure! Thanks for your notice :D

Had a member of my discord test the latest Linux build, he uses Manjaro too, and everything was working fine for him.

Maybe it was my problem, I will try again.

Me encanta tu trabajo, acabo de descubrirte, y ya soy muy fan, de verdad gracias, cuando tenga algo fino para publicar te avisaré si uso tu música. Pero de verdad que gran trabajo

Gracias, con comentarios así da gusto publicar estos packs :D

Pues si lo haces, me encantará verlo!


your artstyle looks like friday night funkin, which is cool

can I have one too?

Thanks for comment.

I don't understand your question ("can I have one too?"). What do you need?

the artstyle

(1 edit)

Ah the picture!

It was drawn by Lowestpoly

Here is his portfolio:


FINALLY! Awesome Music! I will use it in an upcoming Action-RPG Project:

Outrageous Fighters - EX Edition

thank you for this music

Thanks for support :)

BTW. I'm working in a new pack I think similar to this... but extreme metal instead punk. I don't know when could be finished.

Excelente trabajo. Andaba justo necesitando este tipo de música para un pequeño juego de motos que hice para una jam.
Te dejo el link por si quieres ver el resultado:
Saludos desde Argentina.


Gracias por avisar, me alegro de que te haya servido :)

Lo he estado probando y me ha gustado mucho la estética y el concepto de perder huevos al chocar jaja.

He dejado un tweet con el link al juego para ver si alguien más le interesa echarle un ojo: https://twitter.com/david_kbd/status/1420722152785989641

hell yes this rips

I'm glad you like it!

I'm working in the next pack now, hehehe :)