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"My Little Bots Crazy Music for Robots Asset Pack" contains 11 high-quality loopable music tracks.

Inspired by B.O.B (retro videogame) but using modern sound and melodies. This pack is perfect for any videogames inspired in any type of electronic things with a friendly ambient. Composed with B.O.B in mind, this videogame is a platformer and 2d shooter.

Cover art by Lowestpoly

The "DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack WAVE Files.zip" contains the same tracks but in wav format.


You are able to use any of these tracks in your project commercially and not comercially. Only you need add me to the credits, for example: "Music by DavidKBD" Or more speciphic if your project contains songs from other artists: "XXX Music track by DavidKBD"

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Do you need custom music?
🎵 If you need custom music for your project just send me an email at assets@davidkbd.com and I'll be happy to work with you.

I could compose more songs like the songs at this pack for your project.

Pack Content:

Loop - 02:28

Loop - 01:46

Loop - 01:28

Loop - 01:31

Loop - 01:04

Loop - 01:43

Loop - 02:56

Loop - 00:29

Loop - 00:29

Loop - 00:29

Loop - 00:29

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorDavid KBD
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tagscomplextro, electronic, family, Music, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Robots, soundtrack


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DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 01 - My little bots.ogg 2 MB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 02 - Keep dancing.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 03 - Bot City.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 04 - Shivandroid.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 05 - Low battery.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 06 - Danger of explosion.ogg
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 07 - Magnetic Line.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 08 - Invalid Operation.ogg 559 kB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 09 - Hung.ogg 527 kB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 10 - Null Pointer.ogg 611 kB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack - 11 - Stack Overflow.ogg 550 kB
DavidKBD - My Little Bots Pack WAV Files.zip 138 MB
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Thanks for your nice Music I used in in the GameOff Jam - here is My Submission - Alot of people are praising your musik! SuperBolt

Hi! I'm glad you like my music :)Thanks for share here your submission.

Looks very nice!

Hi my friend. thanks, i will use these great musics into my comercial project Mushroom Rampage and the credits will for sure be yours. Hope in future be able to pay for your work or even a partnership.

Hi! Good luck with your project!

When you need me here I will be :)

Have a nice day

(1 edit) (+1)

My ears feel blessed listening to these... 。゚(TヮT)゚。

And the fact I can use these in my game... today is a good day.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks :)

I hope this pack will be useful for you. I want know of your project when it be released ;)

If you want more music like these, we can talk about it.

nice! :)