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"Pink Bloom Synthwave Music Pack" contains 9 high-quality loopeable tracks.

Designed for a game with electronic/retro/synthwave aesthetic.

Cover art by Thelowestpoly

Track names by Naitsel

The "DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack WAVE Files.zip" contains the same tracks but in wav format.


You are able to use any of these tracks in your project commercially and not comercially. Only you need add me to the credits, for example: "Music by DavidKBD" Or more speciphic if your project contains songs from other artists: "XXX Music track by DavidKBD"

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Do you need custom music?
🎵 If you need custom music for your project just send me an email at assets@davidkbd.com and I'll be happy to work with you.

I could compose more songs like the songs at this pack for your project.

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AuthorDavid KBD
Tags80s, Cyberpunk, davidkbd, electronic, Futuristic, Music, Retro, synth, Synthwave


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DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 01 - Pink Bloom.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 02 - Portal to Underworld.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 03 - To the Unknown.ogg 2 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 04 - Valley of Spirits.ogg 2 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 05 - Western Cyberhorse.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 06 - Diamonds on The Ceiling.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 07 - The Hidden One.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 08 - Lost Spaceship's Signal.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack - 09 - Lightyear City.ogg 1 MB
DavidKBD - Pink Bloom Pack WAVE Files.zip 206 MB
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i might use this for a hotline miami campaign lol

dude I'm currently vibin to track no 4

I'm glad you like my music, thanks for comment!

wow nice music tho 

Thanks! :D

(2 edits)

WOOOOOW! 💜_💜 I’m speechless! just… like… idk what to comment, this pack is probably the best synthwave I’ve heard during my life!


Thanks for your words! I will continue trying to get the best possible results :)

Really really good tunes! Well done and thanks for sharing.

I'm glad you like it. Thanks for support!



Thanks! :D

Beautiful pack of music :)


Hi! I'm glad you like it :)

It is a pleasure to receive comments like yours, thank you!

Hi David :)  ( I should have said this earlier hehe )


don't worry!