• Left/Right: movement of the player.
  • Up: Save game, talk, eat dead bodies, look up (while holding)
  • Down: Look down (while holding)
  • C : Jump
  • X: Dash
  • V: Attack
  • M: Map
  • Esc: Menu

You are a slime, the most underrated creature of the underground. However you can become the most feared creature. Metroidvania Month Jam 19:

The controls are switchable. Compatible with joypad.

Developed with Godot 4 stable. Tested with Chrome

Programmed by DavidKBD and jonnydrumz

Art and design by truemushy  

Level design by jonnydrumz

Music by DavidKBD

Sound effects from Pixabay


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Goongeon.dmg 228 MB
Goongeon.exe 86 MB
Goongeon.x86_64 88 MB

Development log


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hello! My map is not working… it just shows a tiny player icon but no rooms or anything. Is it an upgrade you have to find? Or is that a bug?

really enjoy the character movement and the overall art style! but I want to play with a map for sure

I’m using the Windows downloaded version

Deleted 349 days ago

ouch! the map is broken! I'm working to fix it now, thanks for report!

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(to show the known rooms, you need save the progress each time)

wow thanks for the quick fix! Will test it out and let you know if anything isn’t working

hey ok cool, map works.

So I really was impressed with the art style, the music, and the animations. Great atmosphere.

Some thoughts:

- variable jump height! There’s quite a few times where it was too tricky to get somewhere cuz u over jump 

- the combat is a bit souls like, and feels too tricky. Really hard to avoid getting hit

- part of that ^ reason is the dash is pretty unresponsive. You can’t hit and instantly dash, it takes a second before the dash animation will start, which is often too late

- I’m sure this is just incomplete areas for the current state, but a lot of dead ends. Like I found a secret wall but there was just a guy there or nothing

Overall, this has so much promise. I like the overall premise (you’re the standard blob enemy fighting the typical protagonist). It’s gorgeous. Just a bit more responsiveness, combat balancing, and filling in the gaps. 

Hmmm I seem to be running into some invisible spikes here...? In one of the tunnels

Jesus it's literally dark souls of itchiovanias x_x i can't get past the first hero

ok turns out i just didnt try standing my ground and spamming

Ouch! Thanks for report this problem :)

In the latest update, we accidentally deleted some spikes in this area. We have already fixed it.

Have a nice day!