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ours was very good, congratulations!! :D

Ouch, I just seen this comment now, sorry :)

Thanks for comment! I'm glad you like it

Have a nice day!

First of all, GORGEOUS tracks! second.... I'm planning to use it on a pixel art, 1 bit style game, any chance to convert these tracks to chiptune?

Thanks, I'm glad you like this pack :)

Hmmm, interesting. I don't know how will be the result but I will try it!

Hi. I have tried it, but these compositions have a lot of instruments and is not easy to convert to chiptune...

Btw, I have planned compose a chiptune pack in a few months, but I haven't though about the theme.

Massive talent. <3

I'm glad you like it :D


Good work man!

Thanks! :D